Interested in hearing some of Miss Polly’s work? Check out her CDs below…


The Parasol

From dreamy lullabies to the hustle and bustle of busy streets, these classical arrangements are an auditory treat. Inspired by the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya and interpreted by Polly Maynard, Clare Barns Greer’s compositions evoke a dramatic narrative between light and shadow, motion and space in a time long past.


 12 Daze of Christmas

This isn’t your grandma’s Christmas album (unless your grandma is ultra-hip and likes explosions, rap, bluegrass, funk, punk, lutes, and rude guitars)!


 All Day Fun

Produced by grammy winner Bubba Hernandez, All Day Fun is a crazy, fun-filled reworking of music you keep the young — and young-at-heart dancing!