Polly as Teacher

Miss Polly is the owner of the Denton Chapter of the Childbloom Guitar program. The Childbloom Guitar program is a comprehensive musical education program for children between the ages of 5 and 12. It was developed by Kevin Taylor of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. The Childbloom Guitar Method is the largest program of its kind in the United States. Polly has received numerous teaching commendations for her work with Childbloom, including the coveted “Master Teacher Award”, which has only been granted to one other person in the nation.
Accompanying Polly in teaching the Childbloom methodology are Libby Quigg and Tim Courtney, with locations throughout Denton and Sanger area.

Here are some things that parents have to say about Polly’s teaching:

“Our instructor is highly talented! We’re pleased to have such a high caliber teacher.” Carol Pitchford

“Our son has advanced so much since starting in the Childbloom program. His interest in music is so strong now, he wants to major in music education when he goes to college. We credit this Childbloom program and especially Polly Maynard for this interest. He is content at home because he spends leisure time playing guitar. This is the best investment we could have made for him.” Saralyn Fennell